Nintendo Conference Round-Up

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Today's Nintendo Tokyo press conference in a nutshell or a duck press. Whichever! Don't forget we'll be bringing you the very same news, perhaps with a North American slant, from San Francisco a bit later today. Stay tuned, but perhaps without the bated breath. Liveblogging the Nintendo Press Conference Liveblog Nintendo Announce New DS: The Nintendo DSi Save Wii Games Direct To SD Card (Starting Spring 2009) Nintendo's New Wii Games: Punch-Out, Another Code, Sin & Punishment 2, Dynasty Warriors Nintendo Re-Releasing GameCube Games On Wii, Pikmin's First Get A Good, Close Look At The DSi VIDEO: First Look at the New Nintendo DSi in Action Let's Compare The DS Lite and the DSi Close Up With The DSi (Alright, Who's Buying?) VIDEO: Japan, This Is Your Wii Line Up


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Okay, I have a few questions still.

1) What's with the new Wii SD card game storage? Can you play VC and WiiWare games direct from card? If not, what's new about it?

2) I see the new iDS is capable of downloading and storing games now. Does this mean we can tranfer our VC and WiiWare games to the DS and play them on the go? (Okay, I already know the answer is no)

3) Gamecube games being released as Wii playables. Will these versions support Wii IR pointer and motion controls the way RE4 did?