Nintendo Complaining About A Six Year-Old Fine

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To refresh: in 2002, Nintendo were hit with one of the biggest fines in the history of the European Union, when they were found guilty of colluding with their distributors to artificially raise the prices of their games and consoles between 1991-1998. It cost them €149.1 million. So, yeah, not small change. Anyway, Nintendo popped into the European Court of First Instance in Luxembourg on Monday, and argued that they shouldn't have to pay that much, because - according to Nintendo's lawyers - "the penalty was unfair, illegal, even shocking". Unfair! Shocking! I'm sure a few million Nintendo fans in Europe could be counted on to testify they've experienced similar treatment... from Nintendo.


Hearing T-13/03 Nintendo v Commission [European Court of First Instance, via Bloomberg] [Pic]

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Luke Plunkett

@popadophalis: The punishment was handed out six years ago. So that's a "no".