Nintendo Bringing 3D Bikinis To The Masses

The Nintendo 3DS is poised to take glasses-free 3D to the great unwashed. That's not all, it seems.

As detailed last fall, the 3DS will stream programming from Japanese TV network Nippon Television on a daily basis.


Initially, it was revealed that the programs will be gourmet and travel shows. A report today is more specific, stating that idol talent show, search, whatever Nippon Telegentic 2010 will also apparently be shown on the 3DS.

That's right, 3DS owners can watch idols like Reiko Ito, Aya Takigawa and other young idols in 3D-glasses-free 3D. Thank Nintendo for that!

日本テレビ、「ニンテンドー3DS」に3D動画を配信 「日テレジェニック2010」などのオリジナルコンテンツを毎日更新 [サーチナ] [Pic]

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