Nintendo Blinks, Offers First DLC "Season Pass"

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Call of Duty and Assassin's Creed are the kind of games with season passes. Offers where you pay a lot up front then get access to all that game's DLC down the line. It doesn't sound like a very Nintendo thing to do, does it?


Oh, but it is. Nintendo is now offering a season pass of its very own, for the upcoming Mario Golf: World Tour on 3DS. Three packs of DLC (courses, characters, etc) will be on sale for $6, but you can pay $15 and get all three. There's not even a cuddlier name for it; it's even being called a "Season Pass".

I know it's 2014, and the business has changed, but it still felt very strange writing that last paragraph. Not as strange as it'll feel reading "Best Buy Offering Exclusive Retro Skin Preorder Bonuses For Zelda Wii U" in 2016, but strange nonetheless.



Maybe Nintendo are testing the water, and then BOOM! Mario Kart and Smash Bros. is all out DLC and IAP.

Buy a 10 pack of Blue Shells for $1.99. Purchase Tanooki Mario for $4.99. Buy new tracks, new cars, new, new! NEW, NEW!!!

Smash Bros.? Where's Captain Falcon, you say? BOOM! $9.99, and he's all yours! Get your lefty Link for only $2.99!

And then comes Pokemon... 0_0