Nintendo Attractions Coming To Universal Studios Orlando And Hollywood

Here Miyamoto teaches us where the west coast of South America is.
Here Miyamoto teaches us where the west coast of South America is.

Announced last year for Universal Studios Japan, Nintendo-themed areas are also in the works for Universal Studios Orlando and Hollywood as well, promising massive areas filled with things to do, eat and buy. Miyamoto seems overjoyed.


It’s a good fit, really. Nintendo’s spent decades building fantastic worlds for us to play it, now Universal is taking those worlds and making them slightly more real and likely much more expensive to play in. While specific plans will be released at a later date, the two companies have released a video in which older gentlemen explain how magical this is all going to be.

Expect Universal’s Nintendo dreams to come true over the next couple of years, followed by me considering visiting a park for the first time briefly before abandoning that idea and watching YouTube video of other people doing it instead.

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It’s Universal, so I’m going to guess it’s going to involve screens, 3D glasses, and at some point during the ride your vehicle will “fall” and something will catch you.