Nintendo Attending The Tokyo Game Show, But Only For Business Appointments

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Every fall, a common question people ask is why Nintendo doesn’t attend the Tokyo Game Show. This year, it apparently will. Sorta.

Please don’t get excited.

Japanese business research site BCN Retail reports that Nintendo plans to be at this year’s TGS. The show’s official site has confirmed this.

Nintendo (任天堂) is highlighted in blue.
Screenshot: TGS

The Computer Entertainment Supplier’s Association puts on the Tokyo Game Show. Nintendo isn’t a regular CESA member (it is, however, a “special supporting member”). Traditionally, Nintendo has sat TGS out, and in the past, it has held its own events.

Former Nintendo president Satoru Iwata did give the keynote for the 2005 Tokyo Game Show. He used the event to reveal the Wii Remote.

BCN Retail explains that Nintendo will be at TGS on the business days and will be taking meetings for those who schedule advance appointments.


Kotaku has followed up with Nintendo but did not hear back prior to publication.

It’s not uncommon for game companies who aren’t exhibiting at the show to still arrange appointments at TGS. BCN Retail, however, writes “hatsu shutten” (初出展), literally meaning “first exhibit.” The word “shutten” is used to refer to having booths at trade shows.


BCN Retail writes, “So that means that Nintendo, which hasn’t even exhibited once at TGS, will exhibiting.” But what exactly does that mean? According to the TGS release, Nintendo will be in the “Business Meeting Area,” which looked like this in the past:

Image: TGS

Told you not to get excited!

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