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Nintendo Announces NES Remix For Wii U... And It's Out Today

Ever wanted to play as Link in Donkey Kong? This is the game for you. It's out on the eShop today for $15. Trailer above.


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This looks awesome, but it also looks kinda stingy. Why would they only give you "chunks" of games? Hell, why only a dozen games? It's NES games. The new gimmicks are awesome, but why would they need to hold back?

(Obviously there are costs associated with everything, and dev time, and QA time; I get that. But if you're going to release a game, release it right.)

Also, am I interpreting this right that the whole thing happens in a frame? Again, I of course understand why, but it really seems cheap.

Which is a shame because the concept and content that was shown looks really appealing.