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Nintendo Announces A Bunch Of Cool Indie Games For Switch

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Today’s Nintendo Indies Summer Showcase, or “Nindies,” didn’t bring many Earth-shattering revelations, but did share news of a few fun ports. And if you were looking forward to some new games—we hope you like platformers!

Below are a few of our highlights from today’s livestream. Nintendo’s YouTube channel is full of new trailers for fans to peruse.


The livestream started strong with news that the bloody, punishing platformer Super Meat Boy is getting a sequel that lets players punch enemies. Super Meat Boy Forever will be out 2018. The plot? The evil Dr. Fetus has kidnapped Meat Boy and Bandage Girl’s infant baby girl, Nugget and you have to retrieve her from his gross clutches:

Similarly exciting is Shovel Knight’s upcoming campaign, Shovel Knight: King of Cards, a 2018-slated prequel to the Shovel Knight series that gives some backstory on its eponymous protagonist. A digital card game mode will feature heavily in it and it will be a free expansion for anyone who owns Treasure Trove. (no official trailer yet, but here’s the timestamped moment in the Nindie direct):

The Switch will see Kentucky Route Zero: TV Edition along with the narrative game’s final fifth act:

An action-adventure game inspired by the indigenous Tarahumara culture Mulaka will arrive on the Switch early next year. It looks gorgeous, like a toned-down Zelda game:

A very strange, but promising Attack on Titan-esque 3D shooter called Morphie’s Law is coming to the Switch this winter. Players are gross, towering monsters who grow larger as they sever enemy limbs. And when you’re not doing so hot—say, you’re down a leg or two—you’ll downsize into a runt. The game’s description reads, “Each weapon hit transfers mass from the victim’s inflicted limb to the corresponding limb of the wielder of the weapon. As an immediate consequence, skilled players become tall and easy to hit, whereas beginners shrink until they become difficult targets.”

Most exciting to me was the Switch announcement for Battle Chef Brigade, which combines my shared interests in destroying things and cooking fancy things. Basically, you’ll be hunting monsters and cooking them up to impress critical judges. It looks like the game is coming out this year:

Last, Nintendo announced that No More Heroes: Travis Strikes Again will be coming in 2018—it’s the third installment in the series after the original 2008 action game and 2010 Wii sequel:

Finally, the Switch’s indie roster is getting fleshed out. Looks good. All I’m asking for is a little Hyper Light Drifter action up in those Joy-Cons.