Nintendo, And Other Banned Words You Can't Use In Grand Theft Auto

Oh god. I had the most embarrassing thing happen last night during a game of GTA.

Let me explain.

Right now there’s a list floating around of banned words in GTA V—that is, words that Rockstar does not allow you to use for one reason or another. Here is the list in its entirety, courtesy of DamonPei. Obviously, content warning! Racist/sexist/offensive words ahead.


Curious about whether or not this list was legit, I hopped onto a game of GTA Online. My mission was to test some of these words out, because while there are some obvious inclusions on the list (cussing, offensive words, etc), there are some surprising ones, too. Ferguson, for example. Jerry. Nintendo. Were these words really banned? Hell, were the other words really banned? The game itself uses a lot of these!


I picked a random assortment of words from the list, and sure enough, every time I tried to send another player an in-game message containing that word, the game would spit out this screen at me:



After a few failed tries, I got so confident that nothing I tried would go through that I tried sending a stranger one final word, picked randomly from the set.


“This will never go through,” I thought. “I can’t wait to tell the readers of Kotaku about GTA’s curious list of banned words.”

Then my worst nightmare happened. I tried sending someone the word “bukakke.” One problem. It’s spelled “bukkake.” Two K’s. The message went through. Someone out there—a complete stranger—got a message from another stranger only containing that word. I can only imagine what went through the other person’s head after getting that message. I felt so mortified I turned my game off immediately.


This is what I get for trying to be thorough. This is what happens. Great.

I’m going to take solace in the fact that bukakke is not the worst word in that list. I’m also going to tell myself that the person that received that message is not a 7 year old or something who is now asking their parents what this weird word they got from a stranger means. I’m going to pretend the person that got that message just laughed and continued on, causing mayhem on the streets of Los Santos, business as usual. Yup. That’s exactly what happened.


Besides. What kind of a banned word list doesn’t include multiple misspellings of the word bukakke? For shame, Rockstar.

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