Nintendo Adds A Zoom Feature To The Switch

The Nintendo Switch screen is pretty big, but if you’ve ever had trouble reading text or seeing details, the latest system update adds a nifty zoom feature. You can zoom in close and even lock the zoom in place. It’s a small but welcome feature that makes the Switch a little more accessible.


System update 8.0.0 released on Monday, improving system stability and adding features like parental controls for VR. It also added the zoom feature, which users can enable from their system settings. After that, double tapping the home button with open up a menu that allows users to zoom into the screen.

If I have one minor complaint, it’s that zooming in means sacrificing visual quality. I don’t know a good way around that, but getting up close to games like Breath of the Wild can be ironically hard on the eyes. Still, the zoom feature is a neat tool that could help folks enjoy games on their own terms.

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