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Nintendo Accidentally Announces New Kirby Game

Illustration for article titled Nintendo Accidentally Announces New iKirby/i Game
Image: Nintendo

Without so much as a Direct or even a press release, Nintendo has listed a new Kirby game on the company’s website: Kirby Fighters 2.


The original Kirby Fighters began life as part of 2014's Kirby: Triple Deluxe, before being beefed up as a standalone product for the 3DS eShop called Kirby Fighters Deluxe. This would presumably be the sequel to that, only this time for the Nintendo Switch.

The game was up on Nintendo’s site earlier this evening, but at the time of posting the site’s inaccessible, maybe because they’re removing the listing since it went up without a more formal announcement. When it was live, the game’s store description said:

Choose from a cast of Kirby’s most iconic copy abilities—including the brand-new wrestler ability—and duke it out to be the last Kirby standing. Familiar friends and foes like Bandana Waddle Dee and King Dedede also make an appearance as playable characters in the Kirby Fighters 2 game, available exclusively for the Nintendo Switch system.


It was listed at $20.

UPDATE: It’s back, here’s what it looks like on Nintendo’s site:

Illustration for article titled Nintendo Accidentally Announces New iKirby/i Game
Screenshot: Kotaku

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They also, even more indirectly, announced Kirby Fighters 1 to me in particular.