How does the upcoming Nintendo 3DS compare to the its current competitors, the Sony PSP, the iPhone 3GS? Let's find out!

The original Nintendo DS is thrown in for good measure. Via website HardCoreWare comes these assumptions on how the Nintendo 3DS stacks up:

Graphics Processing Unit

• Nintendo 3DS: DMP Pica 200
• Nintendo DS: Nintendo proprietary
• PSP: Sony proprietary
• iPhone 3GS: powerVR SGX535

Screen Resolution

• Nintendo 3DS: Top screen 400x240 (vertically interlaced for 3D effect, effectively 800x240), bottom screen 320x240
• Nintendo DS: 256x192 (each screen)
• PSP: 480x272
• iPhone 3GS: 480x320


Vertex Performance (Triangles per Second)

• Nintendo 3DS: 30.6 million
• Nintendo DS: 120,000
• PSP: 33 million
• iPhone 3GS: 28 million


Fillrate (Pixels per second)

• Nintendo 3DS: 1.6 billion
• Nintendo DS: 30 million
• PSP: 664 million
• iPhone 3GS: 500 million


The Nintendo 3DS is a big step up power-wise from the Nintendo DS.

The draw for the Nintendo 3DS is ultimately the 3D and what kind of experiences Nintendo can offer. And for current Nintendo DS owners, the graphics will look eye popping. Literally.


Nintendo 3DS Specs Comparison: 3DS vs PSP and iPhone 3GS [HCW] [Pic]