Nintendo 3DS Refines Your Music Taste, Finds Your Soulmate

A feature tucked away in Nintendo's upcoming portable game console tracks the musical zeitgeist of 3DS owners.


Owners of the 3DS can turn on a StreetPass feature in the Nintendo 3DS Sounds application that will allow the system to broadcast what your favorite five songs are to other participating 3DS owners you pass on a given day and then compile top ten lists based on songs and artists. The feature can also create compatibility charts based on musical preferences.

3DS as music-trend spotter and matchmaker? Why not. Here's how it works:

The opt-in StreetPass feature has you pick your five favorite songs and then shares that info with other street pass music lovers. Information shared includes the song, artist, album, release year and play count for the five songs you've put in the StreetPass play list.


Check out the video for a short walkthrough of how this will work and a bonus look at the 3D music video that hit U.S. 3DS this morning as part of a system update.

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So, by walking next to folks with a StreetPass-activated 3DS, I can ...

- Exchange game data (ghost racers in Ridge Racer, figurines in SSF4).

- Exchange Mii's (and get puzzle pieces/RPG soldiers).

- Exchange, compare and contrast musical tastes.

It seems that, even with the improved online experience, Nintendo is adamant on getting people to interact - both passively and actively - with each other in the real world. Neat-o.