Ninja Theory Makes Lovely Console Games. They Also Made This.

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Taking a break from creating big-budget console games starring striking characters with large, moist eyes like Enslaved and DMC, Ninja Theory releases a mobile brawler featuring a character with a thing for striking.


The game is called Fightback, and it's definitely different from anything else Ninja Theory has done. Quick hits of swipe and tap-based combat on a 2D plane, levels that go by in the blink of a battered eye, wrapped around the shaky framework of an old school vengeance-fueled beat-em-up. Your sister has been kidnapped. Are you a bad enough dude? Probably.

Fightback is available today for free on iOS. They're calling it the "the pinnacle of mobile fighting games." Can't miss out on a pinnacle, can we?

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First product review: "I've been waiting for this game for a very long time and it could of been a great game. Great graphics and controls are ruined yet again by freemium bs. Game is nothing but timers and pay to win. You get to play for five or so minutes then you can either pay to continue or wait forty two minutes for your stamina bar to fully recharge. I would of gladly payed seven bucks for a complete game. Deleting now".