Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 Dated And Detailed For America

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Tecmo has announced a late September release date for the PlayStation 3-exclusive Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2, with a limited edition available at GameStop for those of you with excess monies.


North America is beating Japan to the punch by a whole two days, with a release date of September 29th as opposed to Japan's October 1st. North American players who preorder the game from GameStop can spend the extra two days pouring over the 80-page that comes with the Collectors Edition of the game, if they're willing to part with an extra $10. $69.99 nets you a copy of the game along with the special book, which contains a 30-page print version of the in-game digital comic, a mini-strategy guide, some artwork, and commentary from Team NINJA producer Yosuke Hayashi and the team's lead artists.

Those who preorder the game from GameStop will also gain access to a special costume for Ryu, the character least likely to be played in Sigma 2, with three sexy female fighters up for grabs in the form of Rachel, Ayane, and Momiji.

So give us your thoughts! Will you be paying an extra tenner for the book, or is the game good enough on its own?


Rachel Fogg

Ahhh, still debating with my big bro on this game, I mean we like NG fine enough but when we saw how rushed NG2 was for the 360 it was sorta disappointing. We have a PS3 but that doesn't mean we can feel some woe on 360 owners who deserve a well made game.

Granted this sparkly 'complete'? version of NG2 will be PS3 owners dream come true, I really hope somewhere down the line 360 owners can get the game on their system too.

I really don't like this generation's business straegdy on games, "Hey it's okay to release a broken unfinshed game, just patch it later.." or "Lock the hidden content on the game disk and have the costumers pay to unlock it.." or "Let's release the COMPLETE version of the same game with extra goodies for a different system a year later.."

I dunno, it just feels....cheated.

Sorry for complaining. I hope when we PS3 owners get a chance to play this game it'll be real fun, even if we are getting less gore.