Ninja Gaiden III on Wii U: Well, It Sucks Less.

When Ninja Gaiden III came out, I was none too kind to it. As a long standing fan of the franchise, it just did too many questionable things: QTE's in combat, Long-winded villains, and an uncomfortable scene in which you're forced to murder somebody while he pleads for his life and the welfare of his children.


So when I popped Ninja Gaiden III: Razor's Edge in I was surprised to find, well, an actual Ninja Gaiden game. The combat feels more like Ninja Gaiden I & II, and they even removed the awkward dad-murdering scene. Hey, thanks for that!

In the video above, you'll see a sample of some of the more traditional combat from one of the challenge modes in the game. Does that mean it's great? I haven't played it enough to make a decision. But I do know that it sucks less than it used to.



I don't think Ninja Gaiden has the problem. We as gamers have the problem. We've matured as gamers and today we expect more from our games. Ninja Gaiden III is too shallow and simplistic to have a 60 dollar price tag. I can beat it in 5 hours. What was acceptable on Xbox in 2002 is no longer acceptable. Ninja Gaiden should have evolved with gamers and it didn't and I don't mean in the graphics department. It's why today you can't sell a new Double Dragon game for 60 dollars.