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Ninja Gaiden II Demo Live In Japan

Illustration for article titled Ninja Gaiden II Demo Live In Japan

It's finally time for you to get some hands-on time with Ryu Hayabusa in Ninja Gaiden II for the Xbox 360...if you live in Japan. Tecmo has released an 857 MB demo for download via Japanese Xbox Live Marketplace. Said demo is due to be released throughout all regions, but as of right now there is no ETA on when that's going to happen.


And for all of you heading to your Xbox 360 to log in to your Japanese account, make sure you upgraded that baby to Gold first...Silver users will have to wait a few days before they can start the I just discovered minutes ago. Stupid Silver account, making me look bad.

We'll let you know as soon as this becomes available to the western world.

Demo: NINJA GAIDEN 2 (Japan Only) [Xbox Live's Major Nelson]

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Tim Rogers

@ShaggE: "Also, I'm disturbed by the relatively small file size. Must be a short demo."

Why would a small file size indicate a short demo? Stuff like character models, CG, and animation data are what take up the file space. Ninja Gaiden isn't like Call of Duty 4, with hundreds of amazing scripted ambient cinematic events happening at any one time; the most complicated instructions going through the processor are "SPAWN FIVE (5) CLASS-02 ENEMY AI UNIT(S)" and then "SPAWN SIX (6) CLASS-03 ENEMY AI UNITS", et cetera.

857 MB for this demo is more than enough! That's guaranteeing you at least one scene of pretty graphics, a ninja, a sword, and at least one type of enemy for you to kill as many as twenty-five thousand of!

It is downloading right now over here.

Why so slow???

No, wait, shit, it finished!!

I assume because it's the Japanese version it'll have the blood gimped out of it. Good thing I have the Asian version on order.

Worth noting is that, yes, the Japanese version is rated CERO Z, which is the rating reserved for games for only players 18 and up; it's like Japan's A-O. Other games to receive this include: fucking Dead or Alive 4, Dead or Alive Extreme Beach Volleyball . . .

. . . and they cut the dismemberments out anyway.

Also, the retail price of the game is something nutty like 8,800 yen (about $90).

And it comes out on June 5th, while it comes out in the US and Asia on June 3rd; I've ordered an uncensored JP-360-compatible Asian version from Play-Asia for $49; much as I'd like to line up at a store in Akihabara and get my copy signed by Itagaki or whoever, I'm perfectly happy with my cheaper, better copy. Which will hopefully arrive before the Japanese release date.

Man, do I even want to play this demo? Should I even bother???

. . . . . . Ahh, what the hell. Why not.

. . . . . . Friday night . . . . . :(