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Ninja Gaiden II Bloody Video Blowout

Let's take a break from Itagaki shooting his mouth off and get back to Ninja Gaiden II, eh? And we'll get back to it by checking out not one, not two, not even three, but four new videos for the game. Above, Mr. Hayabusa painting (a mysteriously drab-looking) Times Square red, with the other three after the jump.


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I'll wait until Ninja Gaiden 2 Black hits stores before giving Ryu a spin since i'll be banking on the game being fixed , optimized & full of extra goodies by the time i'm done playing most of my games. Instead i'll be picking up DBZ: Burst Limit for the 360 seeing as that won't frustrate me enough to throw a controller through my wall (Ninja Gaiden has that effect on me).