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Nine Minutes Of The Room 3, An Excellent New Puzzle Game That's Best Unspoiled

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

The Room 3 is out today, and for people who played the previous ones, nothing more can or should be said. The Room series is one of the most fun and visually interesting puzzle series going. Each game involves unlocking really complicated boxes and furniture, which, trust me, is just the best thing.

For anyone who hasn’t played, I urge you to watch as little of the video I’ve put up top as possible. I try not to spoil too many of the puzzle solutions, but I did want to give newcomers a sense of the series. I also wanted to provide fans of the first two with an indication of how similar or different it is (pretty similar, just with more elaborate puzzles and a new zoom-inside-things technique).


By the way, if you like the intro of Game of Thrones, you’re going to like this video. Guaranteed.

I’ve loved my first 30 minutes with the game and have had a lot of fun in the early going. If you have an iOS device, it’ll cost you $5. Development studio Fireproof has indicated that an Android version is in the works. You can play the games solo, but I recommend playing with a friend or loved one. It’s fun figuring stuff out together.


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