You might have already seen this footage from the next Metal Gear Solid game, if you were paying attention last year around PAX time. But you haven't seen it in English yet.


Today, via Hideo Kojima himself, you can watch the entire intro to Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes, presented with glorious Kiefer Sutherland voice acting. Ground Zeroes, by the way, is a prequel to the official Metal Gear Solid V, which is called Phantom Pain. It's not quite clear how Ground Zeroes will be released, or whether it will be a separate game on its own.

Two thoughts: 1) Kiefer is amazing. 2) I still don't believe that Hayter isn't involved in this game. Knowing Kojima, Hayter's absence is all one big long-con that will be revealed in a plot twist halfway through the game involving nanomachines and clones and gravelly voices.

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