Nikola Tesla Battles The Undead In This Beautiful Platformer-To-Be

The evil Thomas Edison sabotaged Tesla's latest invention, causing undead to rise all over 1800's America. How can Tesla fix this?

Archetype Games hopes to answer this question in some form with their upcoming platformer-puzzler hybrid, Tesla Breaks the World. Randomly-generated levels, unlockable inventions, simple but intuitive mechanics and truly gorgeous hand-drawn visuals will all be part of the game's repertoire.

So, what's the catch? Well, the game's not quite funded yet. Archetype Games turned to Kickstarter for help with finishing Tesla Breaks the World, which they hope to ship by Fall. Take a look if a platformer where a genius scientist dodges, outsmarts, and defeats zombies sounds like something you'd enjoy.


Tesla Breaks the World! [Kickstarter]

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