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Mr. Juandrful over at has pieced together a backstory on Niko Bellic, in a VH1 "Behind the Music" kind of biography. Counterintuitively, I should put up a spoiler alert here, because although it's all about stuff prior to his arrival in Liberty City, naturally it draws on dialogue and events in the game, which you may not have played yet. Mr. Juandrful also says some of this was built on "inside info" about Niko's past, given to him by Rockstar.


Anyway, spoiler warning, don't click the link if you want to get Niko's backstory through the game for yourself. Otherwise, if you want a quick read that humanizes the character, go for it.

Behind the Game: Niko Bellic Before GTA IV []

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I will say one thing. Niko is easily one of the most believable

characters to come out of the games industry in some time. You can't

help but sympathize with the guy who, though great at killing, feels bad

about doing it some times and really has heart when he is pushed.

Anyone who did the Rescue Roman Mission will agree he was arguably the

most pissed off you will ever see him. Plus big props to really giving

Niko some great facial expressions and good reactions. I cracked up at

the quizzical look he gave to badman when he first met him and could not

understand a word he was saying (who could?). By the end, I wanted to

buy the man a beer and be there as a friend.

It may be early but I seriously want to play him more in ongoing

sequels. Way more than any other Grand Theft protagonist.