Niko Bellic Reacts Really Badly To His First Look at GTA V Gameplay

It’s a hard thing to realize your career is over before you’re ready for it to end. When you’re the lead character of Grand Theft Auto IV, though, it’s also freaking hilarious.


One day, you’re Niko Bellic and the game you’re headlining is the most amazing thing to hit game consoles. The next, you can’t even kill yourself to end the misery. While this video’s already a few days old, the powers-that-be at Rockstar just gave it the official nod of approval. Don’t get too smug, Michael, Trevor and Franklin. You’ll share the same depressing fate somewhere in the next four or five years. Enjoy the good life, boys.

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I hope they finaly get the aiming and the cover use right this time around. :p