Nike Made Some Xbox Air Jordans

Just so you know they’re not playing favourites, Nike is following up its PlayStation AF1s with some Xbox-branded Air Jordan 1s.


It’s not just that these are green sneakers; there’s Xbox branding on the insole and aglets:

And the sole glows in the dark as well:


These were worn by various Xbox reps at E3 last week, with no word yet on a wider commercial release. It’s possible these were just a promo for the show, but I doubt Nike would have taken proper product pics like the one up top if they weren’t planning some kind of drop, even if it’s a limited one.

Xbox-branded shoes are a mirror of a 2017 collaboration between the companies, which saw a handful of Air Jordan Xbox Ones made up.


If anyone from Nike is reading this and wants to keep this theme going, some blue + red Nintendo Switch Air Max 270s would be lovely, thanks.

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