Night In The Woods' Rhythm Game Is On Point

The dialogue, the animation, the music—so far I am loving everything about Night in the Woods, but as a rhythm game fan there’s one sequence that’s particularly near and dear to my heart. Let’s rock out.

Night in the Woods, Infinite Fall’s animated adventure game, tells the story of Mae Borowski, a cool cat who drops out of college and returns to the tiny mining town she grew up in. Strange things begin to happen, but not before she reunites with some old friends for a jam session.

The song, “Die Anywhere Else,” is an anthem for those trapped in a small town with seemingly no way out. If you watch the video a couple times, you can even sing along.


I’d seen the rhythm game bits in the screenshots and trailers for the game, but didn’t know when to expect them to come into play. One moment I am buttoning my way through dialogue, the next I’m the bassist in a croc and dog band. Well, really a dog and bear band. The croc just plays the computer.

I love this little sequence so much I had to delete my save and play back to it, just so I could record the song and read the lyrics.

I vote that all games, no matter the content, theme or characters, include at least one rhythm game interlude. You hear me, Call of Duty? I will accept a dance number as a substitute.


Night in the Woods is now available on Steam and PlayStation 4. It is delightful.

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Problem I have with the section is that it’s hard to read the lyrics when you’re focusing on not sucking at bass