Nielsen Drops the Ball on Console Usage Numbers

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Remember that study of video gamer habits Nielsen released earlier this week showing the Wii in third place and the Playstation 3 in seventh, last even after the GameCube and original Xbox? It was wrong.


Fast Company reports that they've been told that the graph was mislabeled. The real graph, which now appears in the official report and in the image above, shows that the Wii is in second place, after the PS2, for console usage and the PS3 is in fifth place, beating out the GameCube and original Xbox.

Whoops. I hope there aren't any other mistakes in the oft-cited, typically trusted data. Reached for comment this morning, a Nielsen representative said the report does not contain any other errors.

Who Really Gets the Most Play? Nielsen's Revised Chart Upends the Video Game Market


Still think this graph is flawed. In that you can't track game usage all that well and survey cards can be lied to. Alot of people claim to play their Nintendo Wii's but not many do. Also if you were to track my gaming as of just this past month my Wii number would be high even though 100% of it was the virtual console(i.e. Sega Genesis, Nintendo 64, NES...etc)