Nice Try Deadshot, But This Is Harley Quinn's Injustice 2 Trailer

Deadshot being upstaged by Harley Quinn? That’s something you only see in movies. Or comics. Or incredibly brief cameos on Arrow. Poor Deadshot.

It’s nice to see Floyd Lawton getting a little video game love in the second iteration of Netherrealm Studios’ DC Comics fighting game, but he is still Floyd Lawton, the really good shot, but not so good that he couldn’t benefit from a cybernetic eyepiece. His Wikipedia entry lists “Bilingualism” as one of his abilities. Yeah, we’re going to have to give this one to the returning Harley Quinn, back and better than ever.

I don’t know if it’s her makeup, but the faces in the game are really starting to grow on me.

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Why are artists obsessed with showing Harleys midriff? lol

I mean I get not wanting to go back to the silly looking jester outfit, but come on. Just because the Arkham games made that style popular doesn’t mean you can’t try something different like a longer short or entirely different outfit. lol