To: Fahey
From: Bashcraft
RE: Cats Are Jerks

Cats are jerks. But cute jerks.

The big topic of conversation here has been what do we give our new neighbors. When you move into a new neighborhood, it's customary here in Japan to give a small gift — I don't know about elsewhere as I've never moved really in America! (I assume there's a similar custom.)

The question has been what should we give our new neighbors. The gift needs to be between the 5 and 10 bucks. I suggested dish washing detergent, because once somebody gave me that when they moved in, and I was pretty happy to get it! Detergent is useful stuff. It's okay to give food, but some people suggest not giving it because you don't know what the other people eats or like or whatever. What if they have a horrible food allergy! The key is to give something the person can use.

Mrs. Bashcraft doesn't want to give detergent — not sure why. She wanted to give towels, which is another popular gift here when you don't know what to give people. So if you get towels, now you know! Today, Mrs. Bashcraft picked out three or four towels. She said they're nice towels, but they're wrapped up so I'll hafta take her word for them.


The plan is to introduce ourselves on either Saturday and Sunday to some of our neighbors (those living closest to us) and give them the towels. I'm kinda nervous, you know? It's that nervous feeling you get when you entered high school or college, if that makes any sense.

If not, hey free towels!
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