Ni No Kuni's Cutscenes are a Gorgeous Way to Start your Monday

I'm quite taken by Level-5's upcoming RPG Ni No Kuni. A big reason for that is the helping hand the developers have had from animation powerhouse Studio Ghibli. So watching three of the game's cutscenes is definitely something I can recommend.


Seeing as the clips were released by Level-5 over the weekend and are entirely in Japanese, it's not like you're getting much spoiled, so just enjoy how damn pretty everything looks.

Oh, and Namco Bandai, when the game comes to the West next year, please don't dub it. Please.


The PS3 exclusive (the DS version already being out, and being quite a different game) will be out in Japan next week.

Glimpses Into Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch's Cutscenes [Siliconera]

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He was eating with a fork? How unexpected. I don't know much about the story in this game, but is the family not Japanese?