Ni no Kuni Gets A Lovely New Trailer And Free DLC

Today, possibly to coincide with the release of my Ni no Kuni review, but probably not, the folks at publisher Namco Bandai made two announcements.

1) There's a new trailer, which you can watch above. It's lovely!

2) Ni no Kuni will get free downloadable content on February 12. If you head to the PlayStation Network then, you can get your hands on a free Draggle familiar (an adorable dragon monster thing).


Want more info on the new PS3 role-playing game? Check out our review, and our tips for playing Ni no Kuni the best way.

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I don't understand why free dlc is not just called a "title update."

Not complaining about getting new content, I just feel more people would actually know it exists and play it if it were added automatically.