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NGP Battery Life Will Be Comparable To The PSP's

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

The sight of Sony's new NGP gaming handheld running demos of PlayStation 3 games is both exciting and terrifying for those concerned about the so-called PSP2's battery life. Sony tells Kotaku that we can expect a decent amount of charge.


The battery life target is the same as that of the current PSP 3000 model, Sony exec Shuhei Yoshida told Kotaku in Tokyo after the NGP was revealed. That PSP model gets between four and six hours.

If Sony achieves its target, the NGP would have a battery life that's also comparable to the less powerful 3DS, the next handheld gaming machine from Nintendo. The makers of Mario estimate that their machine will last 3-5 hours with its 3D functionality activated and up to eight hours with it turned off.


A game creator familiar with the NGP development kit told Kotaku that Sony's powerhouse portable is proving to have better battery life than the PSP 3000 on current kits, though readers should note that finished gaming hardware doesn't always run at the exact same specs as development kits. Our source credits the NGP's efficient chips and the fact that its games run off of flash media, as opposed to the discs that spun in most models of the PSP.

The NGP is expected later this year.

Additional reporting by Brian Ashcraft.