Ngmoco, Geoff Keighley Join This Week's Apple-Flavored Podcast

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Kotaku's podcast waits for no man, not even Steve Jobs. Today, when Apple starts the rumored Tablet press conference, we start our podcast. Call in to talk to guests Geoff Keighley and top folks from premiere iPhone game publisher ngmoco.


You may know Geoff Keighley from the Game Trailers TV on Spike, from the Bonus Round on or from those promotional spots that won't stop playing while you're standing in line to buy games at GameStop.

Ngmoco is the prolific and acclaimed iPhone-only studio behind Rolando, Eliminate, Dropship and a bunch of others games. And, hey, maybe there's a new Apple device coming soon that they'd be interested in making games for.


On Wednesday at 11am Kotaku Time (that's 1pm ET, 10am PT), you will be able to call in and ask the Ngmoco guys and Keighley anything you want. And, we'll be able to react to Apple's big news live on the air. Join us for history in the making.

Look for a reminder post about the podcast at 11:00 AM mountain time (1:00 PM ET) today, Wednesday. The post will include call-in info so you can ask your questions. The show will be live a few minutes after the hour. I'll expect to hear you calling our switchboard then.

Regular listeners please note that our iTunes feed has changed. Subscribe to "Kotaku Talk Radio" in iTunes to continue to follow our show that way. We'll also continue to provide direct downloads of the show a couple of hours after showtime each Wednesday.

You can also get us through Zune. And through RSS.

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Son of a....the Kotaku-cast starts at the same time as the Apple event.

I don't know how to split my attention!!! What do I do?