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You can get your first look - and, if you read Mandarin, the first words about - Need for Speed: World Online, EA's racing MMO launching soon in Asia.


Of course, we see this after Maggie (sniff ... sniff) is gone - she could read this stuff cold and tell us what is up. I ran a chunk through Babelfish and found out it translates as "Terminal Velocity Pleasant Sensation Online." Ohhhhh, brother ... All the text is in a flash presentation, so running it through Google's translation does no good.


It'll be free to play (as per the norm with many MMOs in Asia) and probably monetized through microtransactions. An extremely broken-English writeup at Online Games Magazine suggests this game is about three months away from launch in Taiwan.

Need for Speed: World Online [site, in Mandarin, via Online Games Magazine]

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