NFL Player Moonlights As Guitar Hero

Click to view Being a punter, Minnesota Vikings specialist Chris Kluwe has a lot of spare time on his hands. Sure, he could spend that time practising extra hard, or going over his playbook, but that's boring. Instead, Kluwe plays Guitar Hero. A lot of Guitar Hero. To the point where he "estimates that he is one of the top 100 Guitar Hero players in the world", a feat he backs up with claims of victory over the "Guinness World Record holder" in a versus match. And while some of his burlier teammates are prone to give him a little shit over his obsession, he gets nothing but praise from Vikings kicker Ryan Longwell. Kluwe is Longwell's holder, and the kicker says:

He works hard at it, that's for sure. He never lets a moment pass where he's not either thinking about it or working on it. I think it actually helps his holding (on field-goal and point-after attempts) because his hand-eye coordination's got to be phenomenal to do that on expert level.

Professional football player, expert GH player, million dollar smile...truly, a renaissance man. Punt Rocker: Vikings punter Kluwe is a Guitar Hero [TwinCities, thanks Tom!]


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