Adam Barenblat is bigtime PO'd about this. He swears he had this idea first. But the New York Daily News got a member of the New York Jets' "Flight Crew" cheerleading team to review All-Star Cheer Squad on the Wii.

"I feel like I'm directing traffic or something," said Natalie as she swished her arms through one confusing segment.

Natalie (no last name given for all you stalkers out there) came to the game with the advantage of experience, knowing some sophisticated cheer/dance moves herself and having professional exposure to choreography. But she still found parts of it to be a challenge. "I teach cheerleading," Natalie said. "And I think my little girls would really like this." There's video of Natalie shaking her virtual pompons over at the link. Sorry, Adam. Looks like no second date with Katie for you, Rah-rah game's no powder puff: Jets cheerleader test-drives new Nintendo Wii 'All Star Cheer Squad' [New York Daily News, via GoNintendo image also NYDN.]