Next Xbox Due In 2012, Ubisoft, EA Already Working On It

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According to Edge, Ubisoft's Montreal studio is already working with "target boxes" based on the design of the next Xbox console, and "all signs point to" this machine going on sale in late 2012.

A target box, basically a PC built to the expected specs of the console in question, is something studios can use to get started on games while a platform holder finishes designing the actual console.

Edge say that other publishers, including EA, are also using these special PCs, while actual dev kits for the new Xbox will be with some developers by Christmas.


This goes against previous rumours, which mostly pointed to a 2013-2014 release for the next generation of consoles, but slowing software sales and the impending release of the Wii U may have forced Microsoft's hand.

We've contacted Microsoft for comment, and will update if we hear back.

Next generation to arrive in 2012 [Edge]

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Sort of ironic if Nintendo's announcement of WiiU, the console which would finally put them on an even playing field with PS3 and X360, is what ends up sparking the announcement/release of Sony's and Microsoft's next consoles.

Then again, maybe at this point the next gen won't be such a big leap, and the WiiU will still end up being on an equal playing field somehow. I'm not big into hardware specs, so I really have no clue how that all works. All I know is, Nintendo could be looking at major issues, especially if they don't seem to be catering to "hardcore" gamers like they said they would.