Next Xbox Codenamed "Loop", Runs On Modified Windows 9

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Insider blog MS nerd, which has been right on a few things coming out of Microsoft HQ from time to time, reckons it has some info on the next Xbox console.


Currently codenamed "Loop", the site says the console will have a single main processor that's joined by "assistive cores" for "graphics, AI, physics, sound, networking, encryption and sensors".

To be both smaller and cheaper than the Xbox 360 (it's not specified whether it'll be cheaper than the 360 is now or cheaper than it was at launch), it will also apparently run on a modified version of Windows 9. The console will, according to the site, be designed as a joint venture between Microsoft and "two partners based on the ARM architecture".


All of which sounds interesting. And, with the next Xbox not due for at least another year or three, completely unverified and liable to change (if it's true in the first place!).

We've contacted Microsoft for comment, and will update if we hear back.

Clarity [MS nerd, via CVG]

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And of course, Kinect and XBOX Live Gold will be mandatory, further clinching its status as a completely useless piece of garbage.

Honestly, who WANTS new consoles at this point? It'll just be another cycle of bullshit paid exclusives coupled with every console manufacturer trying to find MORE gimmicks to shove down our throats in an attempt to justify a higher profit margin. It's pointless.