Next Tomb Raider Film Features Younger Lara Croft

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It looks like Angelina Jolie's time as Lara Croft could be at an end, with the next Tomb Raider movie being an origin story featuring a much younger Lara Croft.


Speaking in an interview with during the premier of Terminator Salvation, producer Dan Lim explains that the new Lara Croft film will be an origin story with a strong focus on character development, which is definitely a new direction for the film franchise.

"We're rebooting Lara Croft...It's a great origin story that we're going to tell, a very character-oriented, I would say more realistic than the past Lara Croft movies...It's not full-on action. I would say it's like Terminator, it's character driven action. For me, the Lara Croft games and movies have gone a little too action-oriented. I wanted to have action, but with character."

But who is going to play the new Lara? When questioned about the casting, with's Rebecca Murray specifically mentioning Angelina Jolie, Lin's response was "It is an origin story, so it is going to be a younger Lara Croft."

So no casting news yet, but with a younger Lara Croft it seems like Angelina Jolie might be on the outs. She can still pull off pretty, but young might be a bit of a stretch. Perhaps they'll pull a Spock and slip her in there by way of time paradox. Angelina Jolie is as good a reason for a time paradox as I can think of.

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Megan Fox would make a pretty good Lara Croft.