Next iPod Nano to Run New Software With Games?

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Not only is Apple's next iPod Nano said to bring the camera back, but it's also going to run new software for games. Not just Klondike and Vortex, last seen in the fifth-gen model, I'm hoping.


The addition of new games was brought to light by a patent application Apple filed with the US Patent and trademark Office, called "Environment Sensitive Display Tags." Inside the patent application, Apple has listed the addition of new sensors (a motion sensor, temperature gauge and microphone), alongside features like a screensaver, 1.3MP camera and yes, some sort of new software for running games on. Could the App Store be coming to the iPad Nano? Time will tell, with Apple traditionally announcing new iPods in September. [Apple Insider]



I don't get it, while Sansa and the like offer a chance to add external storing device, why people always went nut on iPod and iPod Nano?

Peer pressure? brand blindness?