Next City Of Update Brings Mission Creator, Day Jobs

Remember that user-created-content for City of Heroes and City of Villains that I got so excited about back in April? The innovative feature that allows players to create and share their own in-game missions is officially on its way in Issue 13: Architect. Players will be able to pick the map, location, villains, objective, and then write your own fiction for the mission, and your peers will be able to rate your creations, with rewards for the highest rated creations. The update will also introduce offline progression in the form of day jobs. Players determine what they do when they aren't playing superhero by the location they log out from. Logging out from City Hall makes your character a City Official, while logging out in a Hospital grants you the Caregiver day job. Day jobs offer thematically appropriate rewards - City Officials gain influence, Caregivers gain health buffs - and once you've spent enough time on the job you'll earn badges that can be combined to unlock Accolades and increase the amount of rewards you rake in. All this, plus two new power sets - Shields for the melee classes and Pain Domination for the villainous Corruptors and Masterminds. Hit the link for the full details on this truly epic update. City of Heroes Issue 13: Architect [Official Site]


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