As far as platformers go, Banjo Kazooie Nuts & Bolts is certainly...different. Remains to be seen how effective the vehicle elements are, but hey, it's different. If it doesn't work, it can go on the pile of stuff Rare's done that hasn't worked, and they'll move on. And if it does work? Rare's Ellissa Miller:

[Nuts & Bolts] is like an introduction to what we could do. If we went on and did some more then we could push it. If it was accepted and people enjoyed it then we could definitely push it in a much bigger direction. This is like an opening to a new type of gaming I guess.

Sounds good to me. Hell, even if Nuts & Bolt doesn't work, no harm in pushing the originality envelope a little further. Next Banjo will "expand" N&B concept [CVG]