Nexon Launches Combat Arms

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Remember the uproar that was stirred when folks thought that EA's Battlefield: Bad Company would have weapons only available for purchase? For the few of you who actually liked the idea, Nexon presents Combat Arms, their first multiplayer online FPS. Along with a hearty selection of free weapons, Nexon allows players to purchase new weapons and equipment from their online store, tricking out their character to their hearts' and wallets' content.


You can head over to the official website to download the game for free and check out the tons of new content Nexon has added in honor of today's official launch, including new weapons, a new map, and the addition of a new game mode, Capture the Flag. Wait, they've only just added Capture the Flag? This should be entertaining.

UPDATE: Nexon contacted us to clarify that while items will be eventually be available for purchase for Nexon cash, upgraded weapons never will. Hit the jump for the full "Free to Play Pledge".

The Free to Play Pledge

Combat Arms is Nexon's free-to-play person shooter. Some games and companies do Free-to-Play games differently, so we'll explain exactly what our mind-set is for this game.

First, Combat Arms will never cost a penny to play. Period.

Second, we believe that in any first-person shooter, being able to use real money to buy an uber gun sucks. It makes the game dependant on money and not skill (thus defeating the purpose of Free-to-Play), and skill is what a first-person shooter is all about. No point in competing if some new guy has a mystical weapon with magic bullets that always seem to find your head.

So, no weapons will be bought with Nexon Cash. Ever.

If you're looking for the Golden Gun that will help you pwn everything with one shot, look elsewhere, because it's not here. Skills are not bought, they are earned.

You want that new, awesome weapon? Keep playing, and you'll eventually get it. All players will be on an equal footing weapon-wise (grenades included). We make money by selling the cosmetic items-stuff like shades, different uniforms, helmets, etc. Nothing game balance related is sold in the Cash Shop, and it's going to stay that way.

You won't have to pay a subscription fee either. Every single one of Nexon's games are Free-to-Play, and subscription free. You need a free Nexon Passport to play, and that's it. If you have one already, just download the client and start shooting people in the face. In addition, don't expect to be bombarded with endless ads-we don't expect you to pay not to see them. We want gun clicks, not mouse clicks.

That's our promise to the player base, and we're going to keep it.

See you on the battlefield!

Thanks to Nexon for clearing that up!

Combat Arms [Official Website]




I give the game designers credit for creating some of the most visually stunning masterpieces of our time, but since gaming is a for-profit industry, it's hard for me to see gaming as just an artform. There's too much corporate money being tossed around to see it more than it is, a form of entertainment consumed by the masses. I do however have respect for the indie developers who've managed to stave off takeovers by larger companies and maintain some integrity.

I've always admired Nexon for giving us games like MapleStory for free. Maybe they realized people were profiting by selling characters on their games and so they turned the tables so that they could profit from their games instead of others auctioning their items on eBay.