Newt Gingrich, putative presidential candidate (and in his party, who isn't?) is getting his ass handed to him by a 7-year-old in Wii bowling and has asked for your help,

Via Twitter, the former Speaker of the House says he's up in Stevens Point, Wisconsin, visiting family and rolling the Wiimote. "Seven year old is proving tough competition," he tweets.


Twitter's konabess replies with the helpful, "keep your elbow in and follow through!" Gingrich replies: "Good advice I will try this Any advice for wii golf."

I would have pointed him to the bowling ball attachment. As for golf, well, I find that the distance your ball travels relative to the dots feel a bit longer after the second dot. Keep that in mind when you're trying to make a mid-range iron shot onto the green.

Man, I feel so goddamned bipartisan all of a sudden.

Newt Gingrich on Twitter

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