News Station Uses Metal Gear Solid V Pic For Report On Child Soldiers

Metal Gear Solid V might take place in the 80s, but apparently it looked good enough to illustrate a topic on recent events in Africa. Child soldier turned hip-hop artist Emmanuel Jal talks about war in South Sudan and his tragic childhood on Russia Today when, out of the blue, the FOX Engine and MGSV appear.


It's really odd. The game will have parts in Africa, but still, it has little to do with RT's story.

Watch the excerpt below with this little accident or watch the whole thing here, but this excerpt seems to be the only clip with the screenshot shown.

This is the screenshot they used. One of the official ones:

Image for article titled News Station Uses Metal Gear Solid V Pic For Report On Child Soldiers

I wanted to kill many enemies. Also, I wanted a bike - ex child soldier [Russia Today, via Tumblr]

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You know I always wonder, to the untrained eyes, just how realistic video game graphics appear to them?

Several years ago, I was in JB Hifi in Melbourne, when some woman was mesmerized by the demo of NBA 2K game, she couldn't tell whether it's a real game or video game footage.

Do non-gamers really can't tell the characteristic of CGI imagery? Most of game graphics lack the imperfections of real life, so you can tell right away if it's fake. Is this hard to notice to non gamers?