EA Sports has published an update to its free iPhone application allowing Madden players to manage their Online Franchises away from the console.

Madden NFL 11 Online Franchise Companion's greatest utility is in proposing and accepting trades among members of your online franchise. You may also keep track of schedules, results, roster moves and other information without picking up the controller.


Those who got the Madden Online Franchise Companion last year will get a notification of the new app - but only if they've updated to iPhone OS 4. EA Sports published the new version for that OS only. Note that's the operating system, not the device model. An iPhone 3G or 3GS may operate iOS4 and the app.

The good news is, those who are managing Online Franchises under both Madden 10 and Madden 11 may switch back and forth between them in the new companion.

Madden NFL 11 Online Franchise Companion [link opens iTunes]

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