New Year's Theme is Free on Xbox Live

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Xbox Live Marketplace has been running Deal of the Day promotions since Friday; today's is completely free. Pick up a New Year's Theme for the rock bottom price of zero Microsoft points.

There it is, pictured above. The free offer is good through the end of today, but I believe that clocks in at Pacific time, so it means folks on the U.S. east coast have to 3 a.m. if they want it. However, yesterday's Deal of the Day, Worms 2: Armageddon for 400 Microsoft Points, was still live when I posted this at 6 p.m. Mountain time. But the 2010 Avatar party glasses had gone back to 40 MS points. So who knows.

The DotD promos - which Microsoft is not announcing in advance - last through Dec. 31, and if you're keeping track of this sort of thing, Cheap Ass Gamer has been archiving the giveaways here.

New Year's Theme [Xbox Live Marketplace via Gay Gamer]

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I'd be more willing to buy themes and things like that if MS would just get rid of the 'points' system or let users buy only the points they needed. Though the system is still crap, at least when I buy games with points they're in multiples of 400 - so if absolutely necessary I could use up all the points. Lets say you have 800 points left, use up 80 points on something, and then see a game you want that costs 800 points. It would be really nice to buy it, but too bad pal, you only have 720 - you have to buy points - which are only available for purchase in bulk, and in fixed amounts. Meaning you will most likely not be able to spend those dangling 320 points unless you buy more microtransaction related crap, like avatar pets and clothes.