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From: Owen
Re: Happy Happy

This was left unsaid in the sports column I wrote Saturday, but I wanted to make a record of it here. Dad's method of arranging football pictures is far easier in real life. Doing it on a video game was tough.

First I needed to recreate my high school and one of its rivals' 1970s-era uniforms in NCAA Football's teambuilder. They're still wearing non-period helmets, something I couldn't control unless I started a dynasty with these teams, and then I couldn't control the start time of their game. This one needed to be at night.

Then I had to run a series of toss sweeps and stretch plays just to illustrate the point of the story. This was a lot harder than it sounds. NCAA Football is tougher on the run than Madden is this year, especially on slow-to-develop runs to the outside. Getting a halfback to the corner in stiffarm pose was a chore, especially because the first time you hit A it doesn't put up the stiffarm, just switches the ball to your back's other arm. And you can see in that bottom picture just how long the wide receiver held his block, which was about nine nanoseconds.


I've shot actual high school football, and spent less time on real games than I did on that one on New Year's Eve. Still, I'm surprised at how the pictures turned out. Then again, black-and-white does give you a bit of an artistic advantage.

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