New Yakuza Game Features Zombies

Yakuza is Sega's crime saga. The upcoming entry will have zombies in it. Yeah.

The first image Sega showed of upcoming Yakuza game, Yakuza: Of The End, depicted the in-game Kamurocho, the in-game version of Shinjuku's Kabukicho, in ruins.


The game's designer said that the theme for Of The End was "destruction". A more apt theme is "bwah?"

The initial image of the destroyed urban landscape seemed to look more like a natural disaster. The destruction, however, appears to have been caused by zombies. The latest issue of Japanese game magazine Famitsu confirms the inclusion of zombies in Yakuza: Of The End.

The game is set in April 2011, when the walking dead appear on the streets of Kamurocho. The Self Defense Force quarantines the area, and it becomes a fight to survive.


The scans show the Japanese Self Defense Force attempting to handle a horde of zombies. There appears to be either a tank or some sort of armored vehicle enveloped by zombies. Other scans show the city landscape in shambles. The outside of a sushi restaurant is destroyed.

The other scans are gunplay heavy, depicting Yakuza series hero Kazuma Kiryu mowing down zombies with machine guns. Another Yakuza character, Ryuushi Gouda, has a mechanical hand that transforms into machine gun.


Another screenshot shows what looks like is a giant rock monster.

The game's designer, Toshihiro Nagoshi, tells Famitsu that this is not the last Yakuza title. He did add that if this game was not a hit, then it might be the end of Yakuza games. So he is trying hard to make the best title he can. Nagoshi would not say whether Of The End is a numbered entry in the Yakuza series or whether it was a spin-off.


Of The End? This is the end of the Yakuza series as we know it. Though, if this game does feature zombie hostesses, perhaps we would be willing to overlook this totally off-the-wall direction the series is taking.

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