New Yakuza Game Being Made Into TV Show

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This fall, a spin-off installment of the popular "Yakuza" crime franchise will hit the PSP. That's not all, though. The game is also getting turned into a Japanese television show.


Dubbed "Ryu Ga Gotoku Shinshou Kurohyou" or "Yakuza: New Chapter Black Panther", the game follows the adventures of young ruffian Tatsuya and his crazy hair. Actor Takumi Saitoh will play Tatsuya. The rest of the cast will be rounded out by actor Hideo Ishiguro, actor Takuya Ishida and veteran performer Kouichi Iwaki.


The Yakuza series is no stranger to the Japanese entertainment industry. The games regularly feature some of the biggest names of screen and television in voice acting roles.

Film director Takashi Miike did live-action shorts that appeared online as a game tie-in and later a feature in 2007.

The weekly television series, Kurohyou, will start on October 5.
「クロヒョウ」今秋ついに実写化決定! []

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I'm sorry... I just can't take a guy with that haircut wearing what almost looks like an animal-print striped tracksuit seriously.