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New Yakuza 4 Trailer Ready To Punch Your Face In

Illustration for article titled New Yakuza 4 Trailer Ready To Punch Your Face In

Japan's favorite gaming crime melodrama with this Yakuza 4 (Ryu Ga Gotoku 4) trailer. Tough guys and cutscenes galore!


Series hero Kazuma Kiryu returns once again, and the elaborate cast is fleshed out by a homeless businessman Shun Akiyama, former detective Masayoshi Tanimura and newly released from prison yakuza Taiga Saejima (jailed for killing 18 guys all by himself!). There also is a mysterious woman named Riri.

Be sure to watch all the train to see how the character's facial models match up with their voice actors.


Yakuza 4 will be released on March 18 in Japan, exclusively for the PS3.

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Pretty Pink Pwnie

How come SEGA is so awesome with pushing PS3 to a new level of visual awesomeness in Yakuza 4 whereas Bayonetta PS3 version is super duper trashy port. Oh wait.. that is right! One is exclusive and another is multiplatform.